• Build digital shop-in-shops

    We’ve created the technology to build and manage collaborations between e-commerce shops. More partners, more products, more happy customers.

What is a Stockchain?

A Stockchain is a network of webshops with shared inventory. A webshop in the Stockchain is simultaneously a point of sale and a source of new products for all other shops in the network. Our marketplace management software is combining powerful automated product feed, order fulfillment and dropshipping solutions into one platform. This enables our customers to grow without financial constraints through smart collaboration with their network.

Stockchain Chain

The possibilities

More products, more sales

Sell products which are not directly available from your stock and increase your product range with products of partners. No more selling no.

Reduce risk

Grow your product offerings without risks. Test new product groups or product lines without the risk of not selling the products and returning the investment.

Unique content and SEO

With a larger product spectrum and more offerings your webpage attracts more visitors and gets higher rankings in search engines.

Smarter collaboration

Realtime stock synchronization and product information sharing creates smarter and more efficiënt collaborations with your supply chain and partners.


Quick 20 minute set-up

No programming required

Smart control features